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RAB Policy


We endeavor to ensure that the website is consistently up and accessible to the worldwide. Although with hard work and effort we won’t be able to guarantee that there would be no maintenance problem that could happen for any reason. We reserve the rights and authority needed to close the website for a brief number of periods for general upkeep and maintenance. Be ensure that we will still keep this to a minimum. We won’t be obligated if in any way, form or part of the website is inaccessible at any time, for any length of time.


A portion of the website would expect you to enter your password to access certain features. Such as providing relevant details of your saved cart, whilst still keeping them private to you. To provide such information available, as a major security system, we required you to register an account with company by entering your email. We profoundly prescribe that a strong password is used to ensure the security of account to not being by pass by other(s) to guess. Please do mind to log out from the account towards the finish of each session. There is a password reset procedure in the event you overlook or forget your password. You should be aware that, you should not reveal any sensitive information regarding our account to anyone unless for utilizing with company. On the off chance that you think your account is compromised by others, it is your responsibility to contact us as soon as possible. If it’s possible to still login, make use of the change password function hastily.


Condition of usage within our website needs you to provide real and correct information. Ensure any current forms is complete. We reserve authority to disable any user account in our sole discretion, at any time with reason or to none. This include if our opinion involves where you are caught to have neglected to agree with any provision of these Terms and Service.


We don’t ensure that the website or any content provided on the website is without error. We deal your “Personal Identifiable Information” (PII) as per our “Privacy Policy”.

Product Information

RAB is responsible of taking great care of putting product information, descriptions and images on-line. In the event of error or oversight to any given data, we will review them and proceed to audit the site. In such cases the payment will be refunded.


The cost demonstrated by RAB Company in the website appeared in Brunei RINGGIT (BND) and this does not include the shipping cost of delivery. You may be able to estimate the additional charge for shipping according to size and quantity on the checkout page. We maintain all authority to adjust our costs at any times. This may apply in the terms of discount event. If an order has been validated during an event of obvious incorrect or error pricing, the order would be cancelled and the payment will be refunded.


We will consistency attempt to fulfill your request once completed and paid for. If an event that you have paid for an order where the product should become unavailable, we will provide a refund or may contact you for estimation time of delivery. If relevant, we may suggest a replacement for an unavailable product of equal price and quality. In case of returning it to us after accepting the replacement it should fulfill the condition outlined with our “Return Policy” under Shipping & Returns.

Secure Payment

RAB as in for now accepts and offer the usage of PayPal. These method choices utilise progressed SSL encryption to keep your exchange secure and does not cost you anything during use. You do not need to hold an account with these merchants to utilize these methods of payment. It would be ideal if you allude to PayPal for their “Terms and Conditions”


RAB has been and always be more leaning towards to transparency. Therefore, documentation has been arranged and compiled to provide the individuals who are concerned about how their privacy such as “Personal identifiable Information” (PII) being utilized on our website.  (PII) is a legal term pertaining to information security environments that can be used by organizations to identify, contact or locate a person(s) if any problem arises. The non-sensitive (PII) can be transmitted to unsecured forms without causing harm to any individual. This can be included as shipping details or delivery devices. In case of sensitive information, the process will be encrypted to binary digits and this will be unrecognized even to us. This such encryption will be applied to any saved bank smart card.

RAB organization utilize the idea of (PII) to comprehend which information they store, process and deal with that recognizes individuals and may carry additional obligation, security necessities, and at times legal or compliance requirement.


What are the individual data do we gather from the individual that visit our website, blog-post or application?

When requesting or signing up for our website, each individual will be approached to enter your name, email address, postage information, phone number and any details to help provide better experience.

When do we gather data?

We may utilize the data from you when you register to our website, make any purchase, when sign-up for our news feed,  

How would we utilize your data?

We may utilize the data we gather from you when you register, make a purchase, when sign-up for our news feed, respond to a review or marketing communication, surf the site, or utilize certain other site includes in the accompanying manners:

  • To rapid process your transaction.

  • To send occasional messages in regards of orders and other products and services.

How do we ensure the safety of guests’ data during payment?

We do not use vulnerability scanning as we follow the” Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards” (PCI DSS). This is to ensure that companies like us should and must accept, process and store data information maintain in a secure environment. This applies to any individual(s) or organization(s) that accepts, transmits or stores any cardholder data.

Don’t we utilize an SSL Testament?

We have implemented an SSL Certificate Encrption. This will benefit us and the community when transaction of data and payment are made. Having implementing SSL Certificate helps to encrypt the transaction uniquely, only know to the delivering and receiving end server for the decryption process to happen. 

Do we use “cookies”?

Yes, we use cookies. “Cookies” in terms of website application are like small files that communicates between the website or service provider to your web browser. If cookies are allowed, this will help to recall certain data in case of lost connection. Such as a website site-map to locate which page you are currently viewing. Cookies are meant to be temporary data store and will usually be erased after usage.

Third Party Disclosure

We do not sell or trade “Personal Identifiable Information” (PII) to outside parties.

Third Party Services

We may enable third parties to serve as advertisements on our website and additionally gather non-personal information through cookies or web reference points or other technologies. These third parties may use such information to help tailor website content to users. Some of the most popular third-party services that are included in website are: -

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Google Analytics

  • Google AdSense

  • Google AdWords


Contact Us

On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning this Privacy Policy, feel free to send us a mail at: or if by local at:


Mailing Address

No.19, Spg 1411-43-57

Kg. Tanjong Bunut, Jln Tutong, BF2920,

Bandar Seri Begawan,

Brunei Darussalam,

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