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Penan longhouse gets solar lights

It is situated at Sukang a remote area at the center of the Belait Districts, where a longhouse with about 50 people living as resident, is discovered to only generate electricity through a diesel generator. It is known only half of the community have direct access in powering up the generator.

Penan longhouse gets solar lights1
Ak Dani Halim Pg Abu Bakar and his colleague donated ten portable LED solar light that would ease the burden of the community.

Penan longhouse gets solar lights2
Showcase of solar, cut into various artistic shapes.

At the same time, Ak Dani Halim Pg Abu Bakar(L) provide a showcase of solar that can be cut and shaped into various artistic works.

He conclude that solar has progress and improve greatly over the few decades before. and the amount of energy efficient has increased so much.

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